"Canna Mom" Is It Really A Thing?

"Canna Mom" Is It Really A Thing?

"The growing trend of "Canna Moms" refers to mothers who consume cannabis. It could be for various reasons such as relaxation, stress relief, medical purposes and more. However, there are mixed opinions and debates surrounding this phenomenon. Let's get into it.

Trend or Nah?

Some argue that Cannamoms are simply a product of changing attitudes towards cannabis consumption. As more states and countries have legalized its use. Others argue that it may be a passing trend influenced by media coverage and social media.

Safety and Health

Being a Cannamom depends on various factors:

  • The legal status of cannabis in the moms jurisdiction.
  • The dosage
  • Method of consumption
  • The moms overall health

It's important for Cannamoms to know the potential risks and side effects just like they would with anything else they may consume.


A few risks associated with being a Cannamom include impaired judgment, or coordination while caring for children.

Potential legal consequences if cannabis consumption is illegal in their state.

Possible social stigma or judgment from others.

Social acceptance

The social acceptance of Cannamoms varies greatly across different communities, cultures, and individual beliefs. While some people may view it as a personal choice and respect their autonomy, others may frown upon it due to moral, cultural, or legal reasons.

It's imperative to note that laws and attitudes towards cannabis consumption vary worldwide.

However, it's best to consult with medical professionals and adhere to the laws and regulations of your state.

Here's my thoughts, if it makes life a bit easier being a cannamom then do you! As long as your kids are good and safe.

At the end of the day, moms need a break too. They aren't super heros, they're changing the narrative, and I love this for them! It's not like they're stoned outta they're minds. The just need some relief and I'm here for it!

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