Berry Blast

Berry Blast

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Revel in this blend paired for our dark lovers.. it's eloquently mixed with our homemade lemonade and raspberry flavoring. This drink will have you asking "where have you been all my life?" You'll definitely be coming back for more and telling your friends about it as well! This by far is one of our top sellers. We suggest pairing this mix with your favorite cognac!

Berry Blast

Color: Red Purple 

Flavor: Raspberry 🍇

Serve: Frozen or over ice

Serving Size: 1 drink in bottle or 2 drinks over ice

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Why choose us?

Reason one

We offer an array of 12 flava filled NON-ALCOHOLIC mixers available and suitable for every occasion! They're versatile and when paired with your preferred spirits, its sure to give what it needs to give!! If that's not what you're looking for its cool. We also have our newest product..our CBD Lemonades and Snaxx that we just lauched in 2020!!

Our products are different from any others you've seen on the market because we're's what we do!! 💯

We make drinking simple, tasty, and lit!! Our mixers are a specialty blend and the taste is mouthwatering! If you're looking for a TASTY & CONSISTENT mixer, lemonade or snaxx you've come to the right place!! 😜🤪

Reason two

Liquid Loud mixers are made in Atlanta with the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure lasting impression! Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience, a consistent product and bomb customer service! We yield considerable effort, and time into making our mixers, lemonades and snaxx exquisite for you! Our products are available in multiple sizes, and flavas! We aim to make eating your favorite snaxx and drinking your favorite cocktail or CBD lemonade very pleasant and lit!

Simple. Tasty. Lit!

Pair and Pour Your Own Poison!

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