Why Choose Us?

Liquid Loud mixers are made locally in Atlanta, with the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure a loud and lasting impression! Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience, a consistent product and superb customer service. We yield considerable effort, time and particularity into making our mixers exquisite for you! Our products are available in multiple sizes, and flavors. 

I tried Liquid Loud for the first time at the Tri Music Fest; oohwee! It got me right! I had the Bangin' Berry that was just BANGIN'! Delish and refeshing!

 - Rochelle Shivon

Shanetta Stephens
My husband stated it was a pleasure to interact with you personally. Also my sister and I enjoyed these very much and can't wait to try some more. You have just gain some new customers and promoters for life.

About Us

We started making mixers in 2013 mainly for family and friends. In an overwhelming response from our first mix "Mango Madness"  we expanded our flavors and products, thus Liquid Loud was created! It initially started as a way to make extra money,  but soon morphed into a small business  that we love and are passionate about. In 2014, Liquid Loud became a tasty brand!

Our goal is for you to have the best mixers and experience - We love what we do and want to share it with you! Customers appreciate our authenticity, dedication, and enthusiasm for our product. It's that same appreciation we use as motivation to elevate our brand, Liquid Loud Mixers. We're glad you're here!